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Barbarian Movie Review (No spoilers)

It's officially spooky season. That means it is time to see EVERY horror movie you can cram into a 31 day period. You should definitely go see Barbarian instead of making a huge mistake and seeing the new Halloween movie. I knew NOTHING about this movie going in, and I applaud the team behind the movie for using a trailer that really shows us nothing important about the movie. Newish Director Zach Cregger does a good job building suspense, as the audience tries to figure out what exactly the threat is in the movie. The movie is essentially split into three parts, a classic horror movie, a dark comedy horror, and then an origin/explanation of the horror. The first part definitely outshines the other two, but this is still a solid horror movie that stands very well on its own. Full of spooky moments and astounding makeup/effects, this is a must see (really the only see) of the Halloween season. Bill Skarsgard, Georgina Campbell, and Justin Long shine in this movie, and at 1:45 runtime it leaves you wanting a bit more. I'll keep the review brief because the less you know the more you'll enjoy it!

Summary: Barbarian is a well directed movie filled with memorable performances, excellent special effects, and tension building that will leave you on the edge of your seat and STARING at every open door waiting to see if/when it will close.

Score: 8/10

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