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Batman CURRENT Comics Guide

I'll be doing a few "Guides" on what comics to get into for each superhero, but for now I figured I'd do one for the character with the BEST runs currently in comics. Batman (ominous music). Without a doubt DC has put a TON of talent together to helm several Batman (or Batman as a featured character) titles. Here are the four Batman comics you NEED to be collecting right now, because they are all epic.

  1. The Knight - Written by Chip Zdarsky and art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

If you are going to follow one story on this list, it should be this one. The Knight is a(nother) retelling of Bruce's origin. It follows a teenage Bruce as he travels the world and learns the various skills he needs to be the hero Gotham needs. Each issue (or two sometimes) has Bruce with a different mentor, some new, some familiar, but each with an important lesson for him to learn on the way. The storytelling is fun, bleak, and dramatic all at the same time, as really only Chip Zdarsky can provide. The art from Giandomenico is excellent, as he really captures the features and personalities of each of Bruce's mentors. This one has ten issues total, and is currently on #6, so I STRONGLY suggest getting 1-6. Here is the link for Issues 1-3 if you want to check it out!

2. Batman: Killing Time written by Tom King and art by David Marquez

This one sits near and dear to my decrepit heart because man oh man do I love The Riddler. In essence, this is a Riddler/Catwoman story with Batman hot on their heels the whole time. It is filled with twists and turns, a clever story with a Bonnie/Clyde theme. It also introduces one of my new favorite villains, The Help. A mysterious ally of the Penguin who is very much Wolf from Pulp Fiction, with karate skills. The first few issues are very good, but once The Help gets involved it REALLY escalates. The art by Marquez is also VERY batman, as the emphasis on the characters is really well done, and he really made The Help look terrifying. This is a six part series, with one part left, so I'd suggest waiting for the Graphic Novel and then picking it up, one of the better Batman stories I've read in years. Here is the link for the graphic novel, pre order it!

3. Batman: Fortress - Written by Gary Whitta and art by Darick Robertson

This one hasn't really proved itself yet (only on issue two) but the concept is solid. Batman is leading the Earth against an alien invasion, working with the US Government and The Justice League in order to do so. It really shows Batman as a leader and how he responds to conflict, loss, and devastating odds. The art is very good by Robertson, so it's easy to look at, and Whitta does an excellent job bringing all of the usual DC cast (except Superman WHERE IS SUPERMAN) to life. I look forward to seeing how it plays out. I'm not sure they have an expected number of issues yet (which always scares me), but it's worth checking out. Go to your local comic store to get this one!

4. Batman #125 - Written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Jorge Jimenez

Now this is only one issue in, and honestly I think the main run of Batman has been mediocre for a LONG time now. Honestly since Court of Owls. They have found recent success in all of these side runs of stories, but I REALLY want the main run to be the big thing again. I am recommending this solely because of Zdarsky. He has had some serious good stories in the past, and like I said for The Knight, he really knows what to do with a character. The first issue of this was fine, clearly a building block for the rest of the arc, but I recommend getting on board now before this soars, which I'm betting it will. It also has a nice little Catwoman story at the end too, which was honestly just as good as the main story (if not a bit better). So I look forward to seeing what Chip has in store for Batman, and you should go to your local comic shop and subscribe to this series!

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