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Dead by Daylight #1 Review

Dead by Daylight #1 - Story by Nadia Shammas, art by Dillon Snook, colors by Emilio Lecce

Dead by Daylight is a fun game that revoles around one idea: escaping a killer. There is a LOT of lore in the game itself to dive into, but a severe lack of media around this incredible game. So when Dead By Daylight the comic was announced I jumped right on it. There are so many original killers in DbD that deserve a deeper dive into their origins, and Legion is definitely one of them. Nadia Shammas creates an interesting story centered around Frank, one of the main Legion personalities. The story is a bit slow, as it's mostly just an introduction to the various players in the story, but I'm very much looking forward to the payoff that is coming in the next couple of issues. The only real concern I have is that it gets dragged out, but right now Shammas gave us a pretty good exposition dump in this first issue, so hopefully we get to see some action soon. Dillon Snook and Emilio Lecce delivered a pretty awesome dream sequence where it truly looks and feels like a dream. So much so I actually thought that style in the first couple of pages was the main art, which was off putting, but then when Frank wakes up it's such a stark contrast from the dream art to the real world art. This seems to be a strong creative team that has a lot of potential, so I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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