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Furiosa Film Review

Witness it! Furiosa (which I refuse to call by it's "full name", it and Knives out need to learn) is a cinematic viewing pleasure. The stunts, the performances (performance), the action, it's a non stop action packed ride from start to finish.

The Performance of a Lifetime

For Chris at least, this was his best performance since Rush. Actually it's his best performance, period. Anya Taylor Joy was as good as she usually is, but Chris Hemsworth was transcendent. Dementus steals every scene he is in, and that's hard to do when you are across ATJ. He is a swirling maelstrom of sorrow, fury, ingenuity, and you guessed it, dementedness. Chris Hemsworth is the only person who could have made this character what it is, and you can tell he is loving every minute of being the twisted warlord. His delivery of his last lines are in a word, epic. His action scenes are as good as any he did in Thor. And his comedic chops are on full display like they were in Ragnarok. As my friend said to me upon leaving the movie, movies like Mad Max don't usually get a lot of Oscar nods, but for sure Chris will get one for supporting actor for this. If he doesn't, the Oscars is a sham. If he does, the Oscars is still a shame. This movie is well worth going to just for his incredible performance. Praise Odin the MCU is dying, especially if it lets Hemsworth and Downey do their things.

The Glorious Action

It's a Mad Max movie, so you know the wild vehicle based combat you signed up to see. This movie delivers on that promise, giving us glorious sequences on the road, including one with the coolest god damn kite I've ever seen. I won't spoil any of the battles, but there are a few non vehicle based action sequences that are some of the best you'll see in a movie this year. Maybe Fall Guy got to me, but the absolute talent of the stuntmen in this movie is to be applauded. There are so many dangerous car maneuvers, jumps, fight scenes, and more that really bring a feeling of reality to this otherwise chaotic landscape.

A Good Ol' Hollywood Movie

I've said it in previous reviews, but this is going to be a strong summer movie season. The Fall Guy, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, and now Furiosa. There's nothing better than getting a Cherry Coke, Mike and Ikes, and watching brainless fun. And while movie does carry a pretty strong emotional charge, it's still a brainless delight. Escapism is more important now than ever, and this is a perfect movie to escape to.


Chris Hemsworth heavily carries this excellent entry into the Mad Max franchise. The action doesn't disappoint either.

Score: 8/10

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