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Marvel Funko Verse Board Game Review

I collect a Pop or two, so when I saw Funko started making board games I said to myself "Man, this is something I could buy and open instantly and remove any financial value it had." I've bought a few of their games, and finally got around to playing one of them. The FunkoVerse Strategy game is essentially a simpler version of HeroClix. You take control of a Pop Figure, and then battle against someone else controlling a Pop figure. So it is a competitive board game, and a decent one at that.

You take turns either moving, attacking, or healing, and then your opponent does the same. Much like HeroClix, this game is as complicated as you make it. We played a simple 1v1 game, where whoever got three points first wins (one point each time you knock out an enemy character). But the Marvel edition of Funkoverse came with several different Game Modes as well. There was a Capture The Flag mode, a King of the Hill mode, and a few other "Scenarios" you could play. It probably took us (A couple of ancient 30 year olds) about twenty minutes to really understand how to play the game. Once the mechanics start to click, the game picks up and it definitely becomes a strategy game. But let's talk about what we are here for, the Funko Pops.

Look at these gorgeous hunks. Like every Funko Pop figure, they are well detailed and make me want to buy 100 more of them. You also get a lazily made sidekick to join you in battle, as seen above with the Iron Drone and the SHIELD Agent. The figures are better made than the HeroClix ones, but that comes with a cost. As I'm writing this I think there are only like 50 figures you can get for this game. The cool part of that is you can mix and match. Want to play a 2 on 2 game of Batman and Joker vs. Iron Man and Thanos? You can! Want to see who would win between The Golden Girls and some velociraptors? You can! Want to see the mascot of Fruit Loops? Toucan! So while 50 MIGHT sound like a lot of options, HeroClix has thousands upon thousands of mini figures you can collect. So if you aren't familiar with board games and want to dip your toes into a cool and simple strategy game with some awesome pop culture options, this is the game for you.

HeroClix is a game that can get pretty complex, so Funkoverse is a nice beginner's game to try with someone BEFORE you introduce them to HeroClix. Heck if you like this game and want more, go buy a HeroClix starter set and get ready to lose your money and your time. This game simplifies things. The actions are simple, and honestly they handle special abilities in pretty cool ways. For example, if Captain America uses his yellow ability token, he can use Shield Throw and attack an enemy from a distance. Then after 3 turns, he gets the ability token back and may throw the shield again. Each character comes with unique and apt moves that really make each character play in different ways. It also comes with 1000% less of a headache than HeroClix gives you after trying to memorize all the powers and abilities in your first couple of sessions. The Funkoverse, while a little basic, does seem like a relief from the money pit that HeroClix can be. Funkoverse is made for up to four players, so those matches probably feel more natural than forcing a four player HeroClix game with Odin knows how many pieces. So if you like HeroClix, you'll probably be whelmed with this game. If you like this game, stop reading this and go buy HeroClix already! And if you are a parent trying to get your elementary aged kid into strategy games, this might be a good option to start with. The box says 10 and up, and I'd have to agree with them. The complexity isn't that bad though, so this is easily a game you could teach your kids, your spouse, or your friends, and hopefully get them hooked on more complex games later on down the line. I'd give it a 6.5/10. If you like the economy, go to your local game store and get this game. If you like saving money, Amazon has it on sale all the time, check it out.

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