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MCU Disney Plus TV Shows Power Rankings

Here are my power rankings for the MCU Disney Plus shows! 100% biased by character of course. Give explanations if you want or feel the need. And oh boy do I feel the need.

  1. Hawkeye - Down to earth plot finally (entire world or reality isn't at risk). Jeremy Renner gets to act finally. Hailee Steinfeld is a queen in everything she does. Excellent main villain.

  2. Falcon and the Winter Soldier - Successful transition of new Captain America. John Walker is life/an actual representation of what a current Captain America would be. Marvel making Flagsmashers purely evil instead of relatable was a miss. But Zemo dancing!

  3. Loki - Cool concept, incredible acting, new big bad reveal. If that big bad ever makes it to the MCU anytime soon.

  4. Wandavision - Awesome start, classic boring CGI Marvel finish.

  5. What If - Some episodes were boring, but the highlights (Tchalla as Starlord, Dr. Strange If He Lost Christine) made the show worth a watch, even if the payoff was a bit meh/rushed at the end.

  6. Moon Knight - Wonderful acting, some pretty iffy CGI, but Moon Knight hardly does any Moon Knighting, and since it's a PG-13 show we get to see pretty much zero action. Played out like a Indiana Jones knock off instead of a Marvel show. Ethan Hawke was awesome but feels a bit wasted.

  7. Ms. Marvel - Had a wonderful plot with government oversight, then abandoned it to go to a VERY dull story about aliens trying to whatever. Also a whole lot of not Ms. Marveling going on. Trouble with these origin shows on Disney Plus. Give me an episode of origin then let them go crazy being a superhero please.

Comment with yours below!

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