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New Comics Review (Week of 10/5)

1) Spider-Man #1 - Story by Dan Slott, art by Mark Bagley, colors by John Dell and Edgar Delgado

Spider-Verse is a one of a kind crossover that shows just how deep Spider-Man love and lore is. It was pure storytelling and honestly some of Slott's best. The stakes felt high, the action was awesome, and the drama was real. Then we got Spider-Geddon, a forgettable sequel to Spider-Verse. It was essentially the same story, the same stakes, the same players, with almost nothing memorable about it. That's why I super rolled my eyes when "'End of Spider-Verse" was announced. But Marvel drew me in like a wasp to a web, because uniting two legendary Spider-Man creators (Dan Slott and Mark Bagley) is way too good for me to pass up. The Edge of Spider-Verse tie ins have been fine, with a few cool unique characters (Spinstress movie NOW), but the main story seems to be different this time around. The Wasp Queen or whatever her name is is a new villain that is corrupting the various Spider warriors across the multiverse. While this seems a little too like the incredible Poison storyline put out in Venom a while back, I'm excited to see where it goes. The first issue was good, even if it features Pete in his gross Goblin suit. Time will tell if this becomes a massive hit like Spider-Verse, or a forgettable dud like Spider-Geddon.

2) Avengers/X-Men/Eternals (X-Men) - Written by Kieron Gillen, art by Francesco Mobili, colors by Frank Martin

Man I wish Kieron Gillen had done the Spider-Man crossover too. I could listen to Gillen's celestial voice all day, it is all at once arrogant, childlike, proud, and awesome (in the literal sense). This issue focuses on Jean Grey, and the Celestial's eventual judgement of her. I honestly wish (as unrealistic as it may be) that each marvel hero and villain got an issue for their personalized judgement, Gillen does an excellent job judging each character for their past actions. We got a handful of issues like this, but I want more. Hopefully Marvel greenlights Gillen doing a whole set of these after the event concludes (as the Celestial reflects or whatever). The art and colors by Mobili and Martin are stunning, and Martin's use of the Celestials distinct red is inspired. I'm a big fan of this whole run, and I can say the tie ins are mostly worth it too.

3) New Fantastic Four #5 - Written by Peter David, art by Alan Robinson, colors by Mike Spicer

This has been one of my favorite limited series as of late. The FF showing up kind of feels like a couple parents checking on their baby to make sure its ok, which I don't love but I get it. This story stood plenty tall on the backs of Ghost Rider, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Joe Fix-it; I wish the story had centered on them more. Regardless, this story was original, fun, and the art was a delight (even though Wolverine looked shorter and weirder with each frame). The story ends on a meh note with a pro bullying plot device worthy of It Chapter Two, but the main story itself is still strong. I hope we get to see this team reunite under this creative team again; it really felt like the story was just starting right at the end. Give me more Spidey and Joe Fix It interactions!

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