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New Comics Review (Week of 12/14)

1) DC Vs. Vampires: All Out War #6 - Story by Alex Paknadel and Matt Rosenberg, art by Pasquale Qualano, colors by Nicola Right, AWESOME cover by Alan Quah

DC Vs. Vampires has been an underrated success for DC Comics. In my opinion it's on par with the original Marvel Zombies run. It's scary, it's fun, it takes risks, and like all Elseworlds stories no one is safe. All Out War sprang out of DC Vs Vampires main story, and it is about Deathstroke leading a misfit team of renegades in order to give humanity one last chance against the vampires. Each issue is filled with suspense, drama, and intrigue, and that's all due to Rosenberg and Paknadel, who both create an incredibly engaging story that leaves you wanting more after each issue. Taking after the "Red" series from Marvel, this story is told in grey and red tones, and done well (dare I say better than Marvel). This final issue of the series is epic, and gives us a satisfying conclusion to an incredible story that was perfect for six issues. Shoutout to Alan Quah for giving us one of the best covers I've seen from DC in a long time. Seriously, go read this series, especially when it comes out in Graphic Novel format.

2) Nightwing 2022 Annual - Written by Tom Taylor, Jay Kristoff, C.S. Pascat, art by Eduardo Pansica and Inaki Miranda, colors by Julio Ferreira and Adriano Lucas

The Nightwing 2022 Annual contains three stories, an origin story for the new villain (whose name I forget, Heartbreaker or something I'm sure, Cardiac is already taken), a cute Bitewing adventure, and an excellent Nightwing as a mentor to the new Superman story. The first story is...fine. I love Tom Taylor, but I was kind of surprised to get the villain's origin story in the annual, instead of Dick investigating and finding out that way. The origin comes off as Dick's version of Thomas Elliot/Owlman. Twisted origins, different father figure, yada yada yada. I'm not sold on the villain yet but I believe in Tom Taylor, and his strong artistic team behind him. The Bitewing story is cute, but the real winner here is C.S. Pascat's story at the end. Which I believe I have said before, Pascat wrote an incredible short story for DC in the Dark Knights of Steel prequel, I adored it. So it didn't surprise me at all to see Pascat's name on the credits for my favorite of the three yet again. The last story in the bunch shows us Nightwing as a mentor to the new Superman, and Pascat intricately creates a story showing how Nightwing is different from Bruce. He trains Superman with compassion and understanding, and Pascat skillfully compares this with how Bruce mercilessly trained Dick. C.S. Pascat is a name you should get used to, and she deserves her own series to write.

3) X-Men Annual 2022 - Written by Steve Fox, art by Andrea Di Vito, ink by Sebastian Cheng

Cyclops has gone through some radical changes in the last five years, but he still remains one of my favorite characters in fiction to date. His leadership style is just so realistic, a more palpable style than the "Perfect" style from Captain America. His leadership skills are on display again as he tries to guide the nervous Firestar into becoming a leader herself. This annual mostly focuses on the duo, as they go on a mission together to help procure supplies for a hospital (Firestar's idea). It's nice to give these two something to do without all the extra cast hanging about and stealing moments (X-Men has always had that problem, just comes with the territory). It's a sweet moment for Firestar, and is beautifully drawn and inked by Andrea Di Vito and Sebastian Cheng. We have been OVER saturated with X-Men, and the quality has decreased since House of X (looking at you X of Swords), but this main X-Men team still remains a bright spot that hopefully can keep going before we get another X-Men reset.

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