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New Comics Review (Week of 6/21)

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 - Story by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, art by Kev Walker, colors by Matt Hollingsworth, Variant Cover shown above by Rod Reis, edited by Darren Shan

It's still absolutely unforgivable that Marvel deprived us of a Guardians series for so long, but so far so good for the new series. The mystery of Grootfall is still the main plot so far, and its's definitely an engaging one. How much longer I'll care is somewhere between the levels of Fantastic Four (What did Mr. Fantastic Do?) and Amazing Spider-Man (What did Peter do?). If it's the latter I'll be once again disappointed, but it seems like Kelly and Lanzing are moving the story along at a good pace, hopefully the same pace Fantastic Four revealed their "secret". Secrets and mysteries are fine, but when you have readers paying four bucks an issue said mystery better wrap up sooner rather than later. The art by Walker is very good, I'm still not in love with the Mantis design but the "Cowboy" Guardians is a killer look (especially in the last few panels of this issue) and Walker and Hollingsworth really did the characters justice, especially Peter and Gamora. But especially Peter. I'm hoping this series revitalizes the Guardians book so it can go on another 30 issue run! And I absolutely LOVE the variant cover by Rod Reis, it's poster worthy!

Hellcat #4 - Story by Christopher Cantwell, art by Alex Lins, colors by KJ Diaz, cover shown by Pere Perez and Marte Gracia, edited by Martin Biro

Hellcat owes her resurgence to Christopher Cantwell and his Iron Man run. Her series has been a fun emotional ride, that I think is coming to an all too soon end. This issue sees Patsy team up with Sleepwaker to try to find out what happened the night Spalding was killed, and we get a pretty big reveal/Marvel moment at the end of this issue. Akin to Tom Taylor writing Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Christopher Cantwell is wasted on a limited series (as good as this is). Put him back on a mainline series ASAP. Christopher Cantwell should be headlining a new West Coast Avengers run, and Marvel needs to get their act together and figure that out. And Lins and Diaz do an excellent job with the art, it's spooky and seems straight out of a 80s horror film. The throwback scenes are also done so differently, I wish this creative team was all over other mainline Marvel issues too. The story has been excellent and this issue is no different, this creative team gives Hellcat the fiery spotlight she has always deserved, here's to getting a full series!

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