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New Comics Reviews (Released 8/3)

  1. Iron Man #22 - Written by Christopher Cantwell, art by Angel Unzueta, ink by Frank D'Armarta, Insanely Beautiful Cover by Alex Ross

I don't say this enough, so much so I should shout it from the rooftops, Christopher Cantwell's run on Iron Man (Issues 1-22) is phenomenal. The scope of the stories have been all over the place, from the end of the galaxy to a one on one tech showdown in nature. The reason I started collecting it was because of Alex Ross, I buy any covers he does, since they are magical works of art that cannot be explained. But I'm glad I did, the creative team of Cantwell, Unzueta, and D'Armata are probably the best Marvel has at the moment (always shouting out the Daredevil team though). I seriously recommend checking out the whole series ( which is a convenient click away on amazon! Seriously, do yourself a favor as a superhero fan or just an Iron Man fan. This issue is the continuation of a new arc, where Tony is using all his money to try to buy ALL the dangerous black market tech, like the Mandarin's rings. I'm excited to see where it goes, and trust this creative team to get us there. Pick it up!

2. Ghost Rider #5 - Written by Ben Percy, art by Cory Smith, ink by Oren Junior

This is another series, along with Jason Aaron's Punisher, that I'm hoping gets a loooong life. Ben Percy is taking the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, on a hellish adventure. The story is interesting, akin to the current Moon Knight runs, where Johnny is battling a new entity each issue, all while trying to figure out what has been haunting him. We finally get the reveal at the end of this issue, and while it's not overly surprising, it still builds all the anticipation in all the right ways. The art by Smith and Junior is awesome too, and they really nail Wolverine in this issue too. This issue is about a Supernatural race, where the winner gets to commune with the devil. A lot of familiar faces are there, like Dr. Doom and Wolverine, so it's a star studded issue with a lot of literal twists and turns. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this run, Percy and team is killing it.

3. Detective Comics #1062 - Written by Ram V, art by Rafael Albuquerque, ink by Dave Stewart

I did it, I jumped abord the Detective Comics bandwagon. DC seems ready to kick Batman off in new directions, story wise and creative team wise. Batman got Chip, and Detective gets Ram V. DC was doing a bunch of mini series starring Batman for several months now (Killing Time, DC Vs Vampires, The Knight, Fortress) but now they are making moves on the mainstream material. Ram V is taking the Dark Knight on what seems like a supernatural adventure, which is interesting, it's not a route most Batman stories go down. The first issues was an interesting set up, and the art by Albuquerque and Stewart set the tone very nicely. I'm looking forward to the next issue, to see if this is a series worth jumping on to. So far it's a solid start, good on DC for making Batman interesting again.

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