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New Comics Reviews (Released July 13th)

That's right! A steamy Bruce Wayne cover with Zatanna lurking behind DOES sell issues. For me at least. This week saw solid releases from DC, with one Marvel thrown in (rest of Marvel shipment was delayed classic Marvel). I'll go through the ones worth picking up at your local comic store!

1) The Knight #7 - Written by Chip Zdarsky and art by Carmine Di Giandomenico

This issue of the Knight focuses on Batman's first experiences with magic. His mentor this time is Giovanni Zatara, the father of Zatanna. Zatara teaches Bruce everything he knows about non magical illusions, until an actual demon shows up for some fun and death. Bruce is enthralled by the propsect of learning magic, leading to a GREAT monologue from Bruce asking Zatara to teach him that Zdarsky should win an award for. Seriously, it's better Batman writing than all the movies we have gotten so far (non animated at least). It also features Zatanna, and if that doesn't do it for you, what are you even doing here? Giandomenico really excels at all kinds of art, showcasing his spooky skills to show bits of Hell and bits of demons. Truly DC nailed the creative team for this series, SO PICK IT UP.

2. DC vs. Vampires: All Out War #1 - Written by Alex Paknadel and Matt Rosenberg, art by Pasquale Qualano.

I'm a sucker (pun super intended) for vampire stories. So when DC announced a DC Vs. Vampires story, I jumped on it, even if I was a little bit "monster" fatigued from marvel and DC using zombie stories in the literal sense, they never die. And that meh monster mech series from Marvel. But DC Vs. Vampires is one of the best 'Elseworlds" stories I have seen, with great twists, a sinister story, and gruesome images. It's the best I've read since the original Marvel Zombies. And it's a successful run, so successful it has spin off and ones shots that are just as good. This is one of the limited series branching out of that universe, so I recommend picking up the original run ( and catching up on this awesome story. Paknadel and Rosenberg do an excellent job with a spin off, and Qualano's unique art style, which struck me at first, is really unique and makes this read like a "Black and White" marvel story.

3. Nightwing #94 - Written by Tom Taylor, art by Geraldo Borges

I'll scream it to anyone who will listen, Tom Taylor is one of the best writers on the comics scene right now. He created a phenomenon with his Injustice stories, and has crushed every title he has had his hands on, which made me VERY excited to pick up his Nightwing run. He is doing the character justice, and this issue is no different. Dick is cool, confident, and above all, human. He has a puppy, a perfect girlfriend (finally), he has it all. And like Bruce he is trying to use that wealth to actually do some good. The Blockbuster run has gone on for a long time, so hopefully it wraps up soon, but Taylor still manages to make each issue exciting to read and an enjoyable time. And Borges makes the art so easy to look at, he excels at drawing the light and dark sides of Bludhaven. And draws a damn cute puppy. Here is the first volume of the Taylor run!

4. Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #2: Written by Christos Gage and Donald Mustard (what a name), art by Sergio Davila.

Let's be honest, you buy this for the Fortnite codes. The first issue was a code for a Spider-Man skin, which was cool, this one was for Iron Man Wraps, which was markedly less cool.

The story is fine, as long as you know something about Fortnite's last season. The Marvel characters are well thought out, and given lines they would actually say. Spider-Man is a treat to read, but everyone else is just...there. The whole concept behind this idea is cool, but it kind of leaves the average comic reader asking what the Peeley is going on here. If you play Fortnite and like Marvel, this is definitely worth a pick up. If not...probably could just leave it on the shelf like a common or even uncommon pistol. The art is really good, but feels wasted in a Fortnite comic. I really wish the story was more down to earth like it was with the Batman crossover. That concept was cool and well delivered. This one just seems flat.

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