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No Country For Old Men BOOK Review

It took me forever to see the movie No Country For Old Men, and I remember bring blown away like a cattle in an old slaughterhouse. Every actor gives their absolute best in this movie, from Josh Brolin to Tommy Lee Jones, the movie was star studded and perfectly acted. I thought there was no improving it. Then I realized it was based on a book, by Cormac McCarthy. I instantly bought it and made it my "glove compartment book", a book to pull out when I'm waiting for people (I highly suggest it). Then I accidentally got it signed by Greg Sestero from The Room, so I had to hurry to finish it, and I'm glad I did. At first I was amazed, the book was scene for scene what happened in the movie, you rarely see that these days. The only notable difference (at first) was that in between each chapter Sherriff Bell (Tommy Lee Jone's character) does a journal entry, making incredible commentary about the world we live in today. That difference is more than enough of a reason for someone to buy the book and read it, as there are heavy and relatable quotes in there everyone today should hear. The ending is also quite different, with a few key characters being introduced and a few vague scenes from the movie being clarified in the book. I included some of the awesome quotes from McCarthy that I found in the book, just in case you are a fool and don't decide to read this book. I tried to only use quotes that weren't also in the movie. In my opinion this book is far superior to The Road, another Cormac McCarthy classic. But seriously, it's a fast read, do yourself a favor ands go read a great American novel.

Page Number and Speaker


64 - Sherriff Bell

"You think about a job where you have pretty much the same authority as God and there is no requirements put upon you and you are charged with preserving nonexistent laws and you tell me if that's peculiar or not."

218 - Sherriff Bell

"I think if you were Satan and you were sitting around trying to think of something that would just bring the human race to it's knees what you would probably come up with is narcotics."

227 - Llewyn Moss

"Every step you take is forever. You can't make it go away. None of it. You understand what I'm saying?"

271 - The Old Man

"This country will kill you in a heartbeat and still people love it."

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