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Puss In Boots: The Last Wish Film Review (No spoilers)

Here's an opinion: this was hands down the best movie of 2022. In a world of bloated MCU films and remakes upon remakes this movie somehow, against all odds, stands out against the rest. I know it's not really an original movie, since it's part of the Shrek franchise, but this movie barely reminds you it takes place in the Shrek world. It has heart, comedy, superb animation (the best I've seen since Spider-Verse), and a story that really seems targeted at adults.

The Plot

The plot seems pretty straight forward at first, Puss is down to his last life (of nine) and wants to find a magic wish so he can get his lives back. But MAN it achieves that in the most incredible way. There aren't too many characters to keep track of, each character is important to the story, and there are two or three epic moments that have absolutely no right to be in a kids movie. The penultimate fight is incredible. Like awe inspiring. The first fight is just as amazing. And the final fight is somehow even better. The ending is exactly what you'd expect from a kids movie, but man, the whole Death storyline really hooked (scythed?) me right from the start. Without giving too much away, that storyline simmers under the rest of the plot, and when it pokes its head it's scary, tense, and adds a real sense of menace. I mean I contemplated death a LOT more than I should have to, and move over Vision for best "a thing isn't beautiful because it lasts" moment. This movie tackles more serious themes than most adult movies these days.

The Animation

The last time I was visually amazed during a animated movie was Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse. For obvious reasons that movie slaps, as the kids say, and the animation was a huge part of why. Puss In Boots: The Last Wish is incredible for the seam reason. As good as the story is, it's the animation that sells it. It's part One Punch Man, part Dreamworks, part Illumination, part Castlevania, all creating a perfect animation style. The battle animations are spectacular, the opening in particular. The penultimate fight is also animated, and the villain in that fight is animated beautifully the entire time. I know I'm being dramatic, but this movie is pure art. Dreamworks Animation deserves a HUGE raise, all of the animators working on this movie created beautiful animation that you really only see in a few animated series or anime, rarely in a movie (especially these days). Do yourself a favor and see it in theaters while you can, that is where it is at its best.


Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is a superb achievement in animation, supported by a strong voice cast, an emotional story, and clever comedy as only Dreamworks can provide. This is a perfect animated film.

Score: 10/10

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1 Comment

Jan 09, 2023

Why have I seen nothing but great reviews for this movie lol. Its such a weird win for DreamWorks

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