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Renfield Film Review (No spoilers)

Renfield has the makings of a cult classic. I'm not sure how many people will actually see this movie, but it definitely entertains. Nicholas Cage is excellent as Dracula, he steals every scene he is in. Nicholas Hoult is as good as ever, and his chemistry with Nick Cage is alarmingly good. My favorite comedic actor, Ben Schwartz, is hilarious in each scene he is in. My least favorite comedic actress, Awkwafina, actually does alright in the movie, but is still pretty much the same character in every movie she is in. The violence is way over the top, the effects are actually pretty good, and this movie will be forgotten. Not really sure what Universal is thinking releasing a vampire movie in April (whatever the Evil Dead producers were thinking), but if this was released in the fall it probably would have done a lot better than it did. The movie is definitely worth seeing, just for the violence and Nick Cage's awesome performance as Dracula alone. It's a quick movie, gets right to the premise, and is charming in a lot of different ways. The narration definitely wasn't needed, and several jokes don't land, but it's a fun romp including Nicholas Cage, and that alone is enough to warrant seeing it....when it streams. In October. During Halloween. Hire me Universal I'm ready for the big time.


Nicholas Cage steals the show from Renfield, appropriately enough, in this action packed violent bloodbath that will definitely becomes a cult classic as the years go by.

Score: 7/10

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