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Secret Invasion - Season Finale Twist Explained (Major Spoiler)

Secret Invasion, which I think was an excellent Disney Plus show for the MCU, revealed a few weeks ago that James Rhodes was a Skrull. And while this was NOT a surprise whatsover (they seriously need to stop doing the Nick thing, a trained Skrull wouldn't make that mistake), it did lead to an important question: How long could James have been a Skrull? Episode 6 of Secret Invasion seems to answer that question, when the prisoners (Including Martin Freeman) are freed at the end. When Rhodes is freed we see him in a hospital gown, and even Martin Freeman's character seems stunned to see him. When they ask Rhodes how long he has been down there, he has no clue and can barely walk, he needs assistance. So to EVERYONE'S (including mine) surprise, it looks like Rhodes was swapped out right after Vision critically hurt him in Civil War. Which, when you think about it, makes sense. Iron Man wasn't at his mental best so he wouldn't know any differences, and the whole Iron Man team was furious and emotionally unhinged, so Rhodes acting aggressive seems on tune. But then you start thinking about moments, like when Rhodes suggested they kill baby Thanos, and you can start to see the threads. Not to mention it explains how they pretty easily fixed Rhodes spine/legs, but after nanotech I guess any kind of science/medicine can be "believed" in the MCU. I VERY much doubt Feige and team thought that far ahead, but I'm (kind of) sure they did their due diligence and at least checked to see if past scenes would be consistent with the Skrull Rhodes' behavior. I've looked through and didn't really see anything crazy suspicious, so Feige and team definitely didn't plan it out. They don't plan much out anymore. But this show was good, and hopefully starts Marvel heading back into a good direction.

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