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She Hulk Episode 1 Review/Recap

Moderate Spoilers Ahead! Even if this is just an Origin Episode.

Marvel has instantly fixed what was wrong with Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight. Instead of spending episodes upon episodes going into how they get their powers and what not, She-Hulk smashes it all out of the way in the first episode. This is the perfect "origin" episode. We see how Jen gets her powers, and we get a really good feel for her character. Honestly this was a super condensed origin, but I wish Marvel would do that more often. It was kind of a "fluke" origin, way more accidental than the comic one, but I appreciate how quickly it gets us from exposition to development. There were a couple of "Fourth wall breaks" which we haven't seen in the MCU before, but they were quick witty, lighthearted, and didn't disrupt my immersion in the show at all. The CGI is not THAT bad, it is perfectly acceptable. Having the whole episode focus on Bruce and Jen was an excellent choice, kind of filling in the blanks a little as to what Bruce was doing during the Blip. There was some emotionally payoff for Bruce that we didn't get to see at all in Endgame, and we got to see him smash literally more things than he did in Endgame too. The banter between the two was instant, and the connection truly felt like they were cousins. I LOVED Bruce trying to explain Hulking to her, just to have her master it like it was nothing. Each MCU show (except Ms. Marvel) has had a central theme, and it looks like this is going to be (obviously) a strong feminist message, and it's about time. Jen's quick speech about being used to fear was one of the best monologues the MCU has seen, and easily the best of the MCU shows. The overall feel of the show is still MIA, since this was an origin episode, but I'm looking forward to the humor and lawyer talk. We also get a teeny tiny hint as to what is going on in Avengers world, as someone is trying to send him a message at the beginning of the episode. This show it lighthearted and fun, and Tatiana Maslany is the PERFECT fit for Jennifer Walters, Sarah Haley Finn strikes again! I strongly recommend watching it!

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