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She-Hulk Episode 4 Review

Right off the bat let me say this, if somehow you haven't seen the Sopranos yet and you JUST started watching it (Like me), this might not be the episode for you. I somehow survived twenty years without spoilers, and didn't think Wong would be the end of that, but I guess it was I, who was indeed Wong. This episode is an improvement over last week's, smartly choosing to focus more on Jen, and less time on side characters. The show is still super cameo heavy, as Wong stars in this episode, filing a Cease and Desist against a magic user. The show has major Agents of SHIELD vibes with it's humor, smartly playing with MCU properties in creative ways. This show (if you couldn't tell) has leaned HARD into it's comedy aspects, and has a little bit of "Here was the lesson all along" right at the end. It's still very much a quality show, and the comedy is great. It's honestly just fun to watch at this point, it doesn't take itself seriously, and the fourth wall breaks are few but fun, and VERY well done by Tatiana still. The semi serious dive the episode does into Jen's love life is sad, if not unbelievable. I know it's a comedy, but please, like Tatiana Maslaney's TInder profile wouldn't be SWARMED with thirsty men, yeah right. And that judge who allowed an intoxicated witness to testify? Yeah right. But I know, it's a comedy, and it does those parts super well. The internet needs to understand this show isn't Moon Knight, it's not Wanda Vision, it's its own thing and that's what makes it great. If it's not for you, turn it off. The actors are having fun, most people watching are having fun, and Stan Lee would have loved it and probably would have had a cameo in each episode as a Judge. I enjoy watching it every week, it's the perfect palette cleanser with all these depressing or brutal shows on right now, so if you want to have fun, give it a watch!

Rankings so far (in order): Episode 4, Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3

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