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She-Hulk Episode 8 Review (Minor spoilers)

I mean if that photo doesn't do it for you, what will? This is FINALLY the Daredevil episode, and the wait was very much worth it. And we get Leap Frog! Charlie Cox is easily the best cast MCU actor active right now (Thor isn't really much of a character anymore than he is a SNL sketch). His court scenes as Murdock are incredible, his scenes as Daredevil are hilarious and badass, he is the total package. The show REALLY does it's main thing well; it is an excellent Marvel Lawyer Show. It is NOT a good Marvel Drama Show. The main plot (about the Intellegencia) is still boring, and NO ONE cares about seeing where it goes. The show even makes a joke about it towards the end, when Jen says "Well this is where the episode should probably end". This show would have been perfect if it just stuck to its gimmick, funny lawyer shenanigans with random Marvel C Listers, some lessons about gross men, and some cool action here and there. Instead Feige has shoehorned The Wrecking Crew in (ruining them in the process), all in the hopes of making a dramatic plot device we care about. We don't. This is easily the best episode yet, but the show is still weighed down by it's "main" plot. I say "main" but I'm not even sure what that plot is. I'm worried the show will end by focusing on it's "Big Reveal" of a storyline no one has any interest in, but I'm glad they let Cox and Maslany just absolutely demolish this episode, very well done!

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