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She-Hulk Episode Three Review/Recap

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

A lawyer show! She-Hulk stuck to it's promise and delivered us an episode of a marvel lawyer show...and the quality sank a bit. Not for lack of lawyering, that happened, but this definitely did feel like an overload of cameos episode. Heck Jen even breaks the fourth wall and mentions that there sure have been a lot of cameos on this show. Tatiana Maslany still crushes fourth wall humor as much as Ryan Reynolds does, but this meta commentary is a bit too on the nose. It's still an enjoyable episode, but the cameos are becoming a bit much. Not only do we get a big cameo in this episode (which is getting a bit less exciting every time we see him), we also get four significant new characters as well. It still works, but taking Jen out of the spotlight seems ill advised, as Tatiana can carry this show on her considerable green shoulders. The side story involving the shape shifting Asgardian was a delight though, so I look forward to more side lawyer stories involving various superpowered beings. As far as Jen goes, the Emil stuff got a little wonky, Tim Roth is still hilarious but I feel like it ended a bit too soon. I know parole hearings aren't that neat or quick. I kind of wish we had more time to enjoy their rapport, and see Jen knock it out of the park as a lawyer, which she did but for really just one episode. I accept case. I win case. Also what is the purpose of introducing the Wrecking Crew like that? We only got a taste, and not a very good one. The Wrecking Crew are huge in the comics, and these guys feel.....small. And their weapons are barely visible. I'm hoping this is a Space Jam moment where we see them go actually get buffed up so they can compete. Obviously I'm praying their boss is Loki, trying to get some Gamma Blood to help him stop Kang or whatever, I've said it once I've said it like, ten times, the MCU needs to go back to doing what it does best, making connections to past movies in a meaningful way. Show us Loki trying to stop Kang. Show us Moon Knight attacking Emil for JUSTICE. The show is good on it's own, but there is plenty they can do to make it more interconnected in a meaningful way. I also don't know what a Megan the Stallion is, but it clearly wasn't to make me watch the show, it was for the youth. I think. Either way, a bit of a decline but still a very good show at this point, interesting to see where it goes.

What was your favorite part of this episode?


  • The Wrecking Crew

  • Shape Shifting Shenanigans

  • Emil

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1 Comment

Sep 02, 2022

Bro it's Megan THEE Stallion not Megan the Stallion. She's thee Stallion. And they said that was all Tatiana's twerking, no double. Best part of the episode.

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