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She-Hulk Finale Review (Moderate spoilers)

Welp. I've been saying forever now the MCU is stuck in it's own formula. So I can't be TOO mad about the finale of this show. She-Hulk has been turbulent, with some episodes just trying to fill up a thirty minute time slot, to some episodes giving us the best MCU team ups/chemistry to date. The finale did more of the same, letting Tatiana Maslany charm us again and again, but with an over the top fourth wall breaking segment worthy of She-Hulk herself. It turns out NONE of the main story I've been ragging on this entire time mattered, as She-Hulk breaks the fourth wall and storms into MCU Headquarters to demand a re write to the ending. That is all VERY in character for She-Hulk, but embarrassing for the MCU. This is the MCU essentially admitting all of it's recent faults, with repetitive storylines and build ups to CGI fight finales. I love that they addressed this, but it was a good ten minute fourth wall breaking scene, and we get weird/rushed resolutions to the "main" plot they were teasing this entire time. The fun lawyer moments of this show were great, but this means they knowingly drudged us through bad plot! So many moments from this series seemed like bad writing. The Wrecking Crew being wasted? Jen being thrown in jail for roaring and breaking a TV? Bad writing is (kind of) fine, but admitting it's bad on the show it's bad in? What? And my God, Kevin Feige is full of himself. Stan Lee was always like "Hey wooo Im here yayyy!" with his cameos but Feige is more Old Testament God, bow to me, worship me, I own you, so on and so on. We get some nice moments like Daredevil having some more screentime with Jen, but we also get rushed MCU plot devices mere moments after Kevin Feige's character made jokes about introducing one! Marvel thinks that joking about its faults absolves it, but this Phase has easily been the worst one, with no direction, no main focus, and abrasive decisions that seem more like a Toddler playing in his sandbox with Marvel figures than a team of people who care about the long term implications of these characters. Every phase leading up to Endgame was art, but this phase is just people having fun introducing new characters with no real plan in sight. She-Hulk introduced us to the best new character of Phase 4, but like Moon Knight before her I'm sure she'll be discarded in the sandbox and forgotten about. Shame on you Marvel. This episode gave no real conclusions to anyone's arc, and was more a meta commentary than anything about She-Hulk herself.

Score: 5/10

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