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Super Mario Brothers Movie Sequel Ideas

Now that the Super Mario Brothers movie was a massive success, it's time for the internet to go wild with speculation on what the sequels will be. And yes I said sequels, because if Nintendo is smart they'll ride this Yoshi all the way home and make even more stupid amounts of money. After watching the movie, returning home, and buying fifteen Mario game, I started to think of what these potential sequels should be. I think the greatest mistake Nintendo and Illumination could make is doing a straight up sequel, where the story continues in the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser JR is the bad guy and rescues his dad or blah blah blah. Instead, Nintendo should look at it's other games and be a bit more creative. Here are a couple of ideas I had for potential Super Mario Brother's Movie sequels.

1) Yoshi's Island/Story

I mean this one practically writes itself. Instead of doing a classic sequel, they should go backwards a bit. Nintendo can make that post credit scene make sense, and seem less random. A Yoshi egg gets brought to New York City, and the freshly cracked Yoshi accidentally brings a Baby Mario back to the Mushroom Kingdom with him. Much like the original game, the movie can focus around Bowser's forces trying to kidnap Mario, with six Yoshi's trying desperately to keep Mario safe and return him home. There's definitely a hot market for the "Protect the kid" shows and movies right now, so Nintendo should definitely steal some of that. The cast of the Yoshi's could be any six dynamic actors, or six that make sense. My dream six would be Dave Franco, Michael Cera, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Zac Efron (the main Yoshi) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse desperately trying (and failing constantly) to get Baby Mario back home. This story could be smushed together with the Yoshi's Story plot, with a Baby Bowser as the main villain, trying to rob the Yoshi's of their special tree or whatever. Regardless, the concept of six Yoshi's trying to keep an adorable Baby Mario safe would make Nintendo a LOT of merch money, and if done right could be a hilarious romp. That's right. A romp. Comment with your six Yoshi's, I dare you.

2) Luigi's Mansion

This one is definitely the "Obvious but not easy path" option of the potential sequels. People will probably be begging for a Luigi's Mansion movie, and I am sure we will get one eventually in this cinematic universe, but Nintendo should make it the next movie on their list. Charlie Day as already expressed interest in making the movie, and he was a perfect Luigi, so strike while the Ghost iron is hot. It would be a low stakes sequel, Bowser (or another mysterious big bad) pays King Boo to kidnap Mario, he succeeds, then Luigi has to go and rescue him. Seeing Luigi play a main role after being kind of shifted to the side (to no one's surprise) in the first movie would be nice, and I think it's a role that would resonate with most audiences. Cast big names for King Boo and E. Gadd, and then watch the V-Bucks pour in.

What Mario story would you like to see be featured in the sequel? Post in the comments below.

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Mike Miller
Mike Miller
Apr 17, 2023

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