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The Boys Season Three Review

Updated: Jul 13, 2022


I say it every season, but this is definitely my new favorite show. The action is stunning, the drama/emotion is perfect, the humor will make you SLAP your knee (and throw up sometimes), AND the acting is OVER THE TOP well done. You don't get a perfect combo like that these days.

The Plot

As someone who is currently reading the graphic novel of The Boys (which is honestly even better than the show sometimes), I can tell you the writers of this show deserve credit for originality. The show takes pretty big turns away from the graphic novel, and most changes are for the best and add to the show. The writers know how to create and pace a story. This season wasn't heavy on Victoria Neuman at all. She gets the most of one early episode, then really isn't heard from again. The story focuses on the return of Soldier Boy, played by the brilliant Jensen Ackles. The story is complex, as you don't really know who to root for. Sure Homelander sucks, but the show really portrays Soldier Boy as a new kind of threat, someone who doesn't crave approval from others like Homelander does. Some threads of the plot aren't as strong (looking at you Frenchie and the Female), but most characters are given a substantial role this season. MM's story really hits home, especially in today's political climate. As funny as The Deep was this season, A-Train's story was hilarious and crushing all at the same time. Seeing Ashley's reaction to his Africa themed costume was priceless, and Colby Minifie deserves a lot of praise because she kills her part, with facial expressions alone. Instead of bogging us down with boring side stories, the main plot was heavily focused on the Butcher/Homelander conflict, and both actors (Karl Urban and Antony Starr) stole the show. Here comes a bold take, but the greatest scene in the ENTIRE series was the episode 1 conversation between the two. The tension is real, the argument is insane, and the deal drives the entire season (scorched earth). And yes I looked it up and posted it below because man oh man it's worth watching 100 times.

The Acting

As I kept mentioning above, EVERY actor on this show deserves an Emmy. Antony Starr is portraying the most infamous villain on TV currently, and taking to the job with gusto. He is hilarious, terrifying, and powerful all at the same time. Starr steals EVERY scene he is in. Honestly his best moment as an actor is when he is getting destroyed by Hughie, Butcher, and Soldier Boy. He lets out a primal scream as he escapes, one that shows exactly how angry, scared, and confused he is at having to run away for the first time in his life. And speaking of Hughie, Jack Quaid delivers another stellar performance. The constant temptation Temp V gives him really portrays his character's conflict, wanting to finally be powerful enough to help and really giving in to that temptation. It culminates in one of the stronger moments in the meh finale, where he chooses to boost Starlight's power instead of taking the V and sacrificing himself. Karl Urban deserves an Emmy for his facial expressions alone. The look he gives when Soldier Boy admonishes Homelander in the finale? Astounding. SO much joy and Terror (woof) portrayed in his face. Karl and Jack really do act like brothers, and it's a dynamic that works well between the two. Erin Moriarty isn't given much to do this season (a wasted opportunity), since the focus is mostly on Butcher and Hughie. I enjoyed her and Laz Alonso as MM teaming up, and hope we get more of that in the future. Her episode to shine (pun intended) was in HeroGasm, but other than that the show really kept her on the backburners, which makes me wish the Drummer Boy plot had lasted a bit longer. Giancarlo Esposito, while briefly in this season, shines in each scene yet again. And for your viewing pleasure, the Starr scream that deserves an Emmy.

Jensen Ackles

The best casting decision since Josh Brolin as Thanos. Jensen Ackles brings so so so much to this role. He is funny, strong, determined, and just as brutal as Butcher and Homelander. Ackles plays the role perfectly, being the stereotype of the 1950s white American male. And we are so blessed for each of those scenes of him singing in commercials. We definitely won't see the end of him, and I look forward to seeing more of him! Also of course I included the songs, enjoy!


My super biased superhero opinion says this is the best show I've seen, and Season 3 largely supports my crazy theory. Most things only improve, even if the finale was a bit dull. Jensen Ackles is an incredible addition to the cast, and great actors like Starr, Urban, Moriarty, and Quaid really drive this show in an awesome direction. I look forward to the next season, and can't wait to see what The Boys have in store to up the ante even more.

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