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WB Multiversus Review (PS5)

The last time I got excited for a Smash Clone, it was the Nickelodeon one. But they were all of them deceived, for that game was hot garbage. Undefendable garbage. The gameplay sucked, THERE WERE NO CHARACTER VOICES, and there was no incentive to play. Honestly I wish they had ripped off Smash more. This is where Multi Versus comes in. They have it all, a winning IP (everything in the world), good gameplay absolutely stolen from Smash, and an online ranking system to let me know just how bad I am. But seriously, it's way better than the Nick "game". I've been playing Super Smash Bros since my Grandma got it for me in the late 90s. I love the game. Adore it. So I don't take this next sentence lightly. With a little more polish and updates this game could easily be better than most Smash titles. The combat is good and punishes button spammers with TWO new mechanics to the genre, cooldowns and fatigue. This incentivizes different actions, and helps stop button spammers. It also has classes, something Smash lacked (but didn't really need). The 2v2 focus of this game really works well, as some characters have abilities that can really help your ally out. You can also tell the creators of this game (Aptly named PlayerFirst Studios) really care about their fans. They put a lot of polish into the characters, letting you pick ring out effects, taunts, and even outfits. The dialogue is awesome too, as the characters have a good amount of lines to say when they work with an ally, or against certain ones. And they even got most of the ACTUAL actors to voice their characters! Including Matthew Lillard as Shaggy and Maisie Williams as Arya! And a Kevin Conroy Batman game is an absolute must own. Even though it's incredibly stupid Lebron James is in this game, it's hilarious he is voiced by someone else. Honestly the game's potential is almost limitless, since this is an actual game as a service, and will receive several updates. Heck, they already announced Bugs Bunny is getting nerfed in a week or so. The game as it is right now it a solid 7/10, but with some polish and updates and LOTS of characters to add, this game could be something big. This game was made by people who love videogames and have a passion for their work, and it shows. Plus it's free, so go get it and let me wreck you with Bugs Bunny. That's all folks!

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Aug 02, 2022

I’m surprised you didn’t mention me as the spammer… #greninjaFTW

Replying to

Oh 100% thinking of you the whole time

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