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Wonka Film Review

I have never loved a decent movie so much in my life. It put a pep in my step. A glide in my slide. And about 40 dollars of chocolate purchases on my credit card. The music, the Chalamet, the scenery, the Chalamet, there are so many Chalamet reasons to love this movie, so lets dive in.

The Music

As a good friend of mine told me "Wonka should be sued for being a musical and not even hinting that it's a musical in the trailers". And I do agree, it's strange that a lot of the advertisements didn't really show it as a musical, and with the first movie only having a few "musical" numbers it wouldn't be a stretch to think this movie had a song or two. It has eleven. Of that eleven, half are great, a few are good, and a couple were superfluous. I'm bold enough to say Timothee Chalamet's version of Pure Imagination is easily the best version ever done. The choreography during each songs scene was well done too, especially Sweet Tooth, Purge Imagination, and a World of Your Own. If you like musicals you'll love the movie, but if you don't really like musicals it definitely is a VERY sing heavy first half of the movie.

The Acting

Every actor does their part in this movie and looks like they are having a great time doing it. But as good as their performances are, they pale in comparison to Chalamet as Willy Wonka. He is endearing, sweet, positive, and melancholy all at the same time. His voice is good in each song he performs, and his dancing is up to snuff too. I've really only seen him in a couple of other movies, but if he continues to grow as an actor he will be one of the finest of this generation. Hugh Grant also nailed his job as an Oompa Loompa, and comedy wise the movie really only was funny as it was because of Keegan-Michael Key. His role as the Chief of Police was one of the best/funniest performances I've seen for a minor role in recent years. As awesome as Chalamet was, whoever cast Key in that role deserves a huge raise.

The Plot

Willy Wonka tries to take down the Chocolate Cartel. That's the plot. With music. If that doesn't charleston your chew then truly you aren't a fun person. It's a silly plot that rarely takes itself seriously, and it works. The plot is fast paced and fun, with great musical numbers scattered throughout. There are a LOT of macGuffins and plot holes, but once again, it's a Willy Wonka movie, who cares. Much like Cruella there are some unneeded plot points about Noodle, but it really only comes into play at the end. The rest of the movie's plot is silly and affable, even when it drags us back to flashbacks.


Not quite the original, but Wonka is a unique take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that will have you laughing, humming along, and being as captivated with Timothee Chalamet as audiences were with Gene Wilder.



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