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2022 Terrificon in Connecticut

So as much as I love comic books, the only Con I've ever been to is the Rhode Island Comic Con, which takes place in November. I have been going to it since it started, so it felt a little weird to cheat on it with Terrificon, but I'm glad I did. Terrificon is a comic book focused comic con that takes place at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. It has all the staples of a good comic con, celebrities (but not too many), comic creators (a TON), vendors (who gladly took all my money), and cosplay (not a lot). Let's start with celebrities.

  1. Celebrities

The celebrity list was on the short side, mostly featuring voice over artists like the incredible Kevin Conroy, Susan Eisenberg, Tim Daly (pictured above), and Phil Lamar. Some cast members from the Star Trek show Orville were there as well, most noticeably Adrianne Palicki (the best Mockingbird of all time). I got signatures from Tim, Susan, and Kevin (Phil was late), and had them sign a Justice League comic book.

I only met the three, but Susan was terrific and clearly loved being there, as you can see from her wonderful instagram account (@susaneisenberg1). If you are looking to go to a con for celebrities from TV and movies, this isn't the con for you. It's mostly comic creator oriented. Boston Comic Con and Rhode Island Comic Con are the better bet to meet famous actors and voice actors. But since this is a true COMIC con, I loved seeing so many comic creators there.

2. Comic Creators

As I said above, Terrificon is, well, terrific if you want to meet comic creators. They were celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Spider-Man, so they invited several people who have written, drawn, or inked him like a squid over the years. I stopped by the DC people first, and met Dan Jurgens (pictured above), who signed the first appearance and issue of Booster Gold for me (the character he created, that more people need to love.) Him and his wife talked to me about New England Sports for a while, and he was drawing a sketch of Superman the whole time, they were both awesome. I also got to meet Mark Bagley (who created and drew Carnage) and Randy Emberlin. Randy was awesome, giving us stories about his experiences at Marvel, and we saw him ink some work for a young duo who drew their own stuff, which was awesome to see. These men created icons and people need to pay more attention to them. I had Randy and Mark sign my copy of Spider-Man 375 and moved on. Here is the comic in all it's glory.

3. Vendors

I blew it not asking for business cards, but I will fix that next time! I bought a LOT of things I don't need but really needed. A replica of The Sword of Omens from Thundercats. Then after that absurd but needed purchase, I spent the rest on art. Like I said, I'm pissed I forgot to ask for cards so I can give them credit, but I'll try to track them down at Boston or Rhode Island. I'll post their dope art (not actual dope) here and let you appreciate it!

I remember who did the Appa! It's from Disparody Art ( It's mostly bathroom humor and some situaitonal humor, but man their art is so beautiful. I didn't really want any more funny art, I have plenty, but when I saw that Appa one it was ultimate chef's kiss. It's a beauty. I strongly reccomend going to their site and buying a piece! Or at least go look!

Guys last name was Solomon for one above! I clearly remembered that, but not much else! He didn't do the Batman and Cap, that was another booth, but still awesome!

And obviously I had to show the sword.

4. Cosplay

The Cosplay was meh, not a lot of people (myself included) participated. Next year I'll definitely participate, but it didn't look like the event was really focused on the Cosplay aspect of a Con. The few I saw were really well done though! There was a Pokeball. Ghost Rider. I'll post a few photos here but check out my Instagram @spidercentsreviews for more!

5. Overall

Terrificon was awesome, with lots of awesome stuff to buy, and a lot of cool comic creators to meet. If you are thinking about going to a con to meet famous people or see a ton of cosplay, Boston or Rhode Island Con might be better, BUT with the added detriment of having it be a LOT more crowded. Terrificon was well spaced out, and at an easy venue (Mohegan Sun). I was even able to see a WNBA game right after, Happy Birthday Blaze! If you want to dip your toes into comic con without getting overwhelmed, this is the con for you. You should go next year, I definitely will be!

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