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2023 Rhode Island Comic Con Review

I still have never missed a Rhode Island Comic Con, and there's a good reason why; it's amazing. It has a great variety of celebrities and comic creators, a lot of people into the cosplay aspect, and incredible art and merch in two pretty big locations. I've only been to Fan Expo Boston and Terrificon, but RICC always stands out as the best of the three. I'll be reviewing the Cosplay, the Guests, and that sweet sweet merch.

The Cosplay

The Cosplay at Rhode Island Comic Con was at its best yet, probably because we went on a BUSY Saturday instead of a Sunday this time. The costumes were super detailed, creative, and I'll let them speak for themselves! Pick the best one in the poll below!

Which was your favorite cosplay?

  • Belle and Beast

  • Kratos

  • Dark Flash


The Guests

RICC usually has a good amount of guests, and this year was no different. They don't really bring any A Listers, and if they do it's one or two. This year didn't really have any huge headliners, but did have some impressive guests like Marissa Tomei. The lines were MASSIVE for each and every celebrity, so we didn't bother to even try. We did however get to talk to Jai Lee, an artist who has worked for DC and Marvel. I bought a Spider-Man print from him as well, which I'll post below! I asked him if he's done any other Spider-Man work, but he told me the print I bought from him (which is excellent) was a commission. He said he did work on the first Spider-Man game (for the PS4), which is super impressive too. I love his work on Batman/Superman, some of the most iconic covers for a run DC has put out. Awesome dude and fun to talk to.

That Sweet Sweet Merch

RICC has TOO much merch if that can be possible. BOTH rings of the Dunkin Donuts Center and like 65% of the convention hall are dedicated to merch. They have art, toys, stuffed animals, you name it they had it. I do think they could do a little better on the TCG and Board Game side of nerdom, but there are plenty of cons/events for those so it's fine. I wasn't able to dive deep into the comics this year, but they usually have a solid selection of old and new comics to peruse. Here are some of the highlights!

Every year we try to find our friend a Bellsprout plush, but we always fail. This was my consolation prize (for myself not the friend).

RIP to Geeki Tikis, bring them back.

Because I am terrible I forgot to grab a business card for this wonderful artist.

Obligatory Metal Sonic purchase.

To match my Leviathan Axe from Terrificon.

This adorable Gremlins water bottle (which also has the three rules on the back) was from Just a Dream Creations. Click here to buy one of her tumblers, they make excellent Christmas gifts!

A coaster from one of my favorite vendors, Lisa Was Here. I talked to her for a while and she told me how she really just loves nerd stuff and decided to turn it into a hobby, painting these wonderful coasters. They have a really cool Dungeons and Dragons coaster set too based on each class. Check them out here if you want to help a small business and buy some cool well made coasters!

So overall RICC remains my favorite con, the guest list is massive, the merch and art are great, and the cosplay really stands out each year. So check it out next year if you can!

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