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65 Movie Review

This is a movie that had all the promise in the world, and landed flat on it's face. For a movie that was supposed to be about Adam Driver killing dinosaurs, there are

A) Not a lot of dinosaurs

B) Not a lot of killing of dinosaurs

C) Not a lot of Adam Driver

D) Overly dramatic scenes for a dinosaur movie

Seriously, the premise sounded so good on paper, an hour and a half long movie of just Adam Driver warring against Dinos with cool future tech? Clearly deserves an award. Instead we got silly drama that did nothing for the movie (the big "twist" is revealed almost halfway through for no reason), had poor CGI, and had a severe lack of action. You don't even see a dinosaur until a good half hour into the film, as the movie tries to "surprise" you with the revelation he landed on Earth, although the only people seeing this garbage movie were the ones who knew that from the TRAILER. The action is laughable, as this 'High Sci Fi" version of Adam Driver, from a civilization that can traverse the stars (and somehow speaks English), somehow only uses guns and grenades, and NOTHING else high tech. Honestly, whoever wrote this should be ashamed. What could have been an intense hour and a half of Adam Driver using all kind's of science tools to blast dinosaurs (think Dead Space but with Dinosaurs) instead became a weird drama about family that NO ONE wanted. Not even Adam Driver. This movie has poor CGI, a severe lack of action, and a laughable concept. The movie should have just been "Time traveler accidentally ends up in pre historic times", not "Ancient Alien Civilization crash lands on Earth but also looks like Adam Driver." Seriously, they could have sequel after sequel of time travel Adam Driver on high octane violent adventures, instead we got this piece of dramatic garbage, with WAY too many mouth bugs for NO reason. Seriously, do yourself a favor and skip this movie.

Score: 4/10

Summary: Adam Driver's skills can't save this movie that takes itself way too seriously and has a severe lack of killing Dinos, the entire movie's premise. And a severe lack of future tech, for some reason. This is easily the biggest whiff on what should have been a success in a while.

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