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Catwoman: One Bad Day Review

Written by G Willow Wilson, art and colors by Jamie McKelvie

The One Bad Day series for DC has really been a coin flip (pun intended). The Riddler one was phenomenal and one of the best villain stories I've read. The Mr. Freeze and Penguin ones were also enjoyable. The Bane and Two-Face issues were mostly forgettable. The Catwoman issue (thankfully) is right up there with Mr. Freeze and Penguin. It's not show stopping like Riddler was, but the art is great, featuring Selina in a very sleek new Catwoman costume that is really well colored by McKelvie. The story is also very interesting, as it gives us more insight into why Selina does what she does, and puts her up against an interesting villain. Batman is of course in the story as well, and the scenes between the Bat and the Cat are fun, flirty, and exciting. The half panel kiss is also very well done by McKelvie. The art is awesome, the story is fun, and this issue of One Bad Day is very much worth a read, go pick it up!

The Great


The Good


Mr. Freeze


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