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New Comics Review (Week of 1/4)

1) Fantastic Four #3 - Story by Ryan North, art by Iban Coello, colors by Jesus Aburtov, incredible cover by Alex Ross

I'll keep saying it every month, the new Fantastic Four series is a must read. The covers have been absolutely gorgeous thanks to the wonderful work of Alex Ross, and the story has been fun and interesting each time thanks to Ryan North. The villain of the issue was a cool little twist, and the way he battles the Torch is creative. The art and colors by Coello and Aburtov stun as well, especially whenever the Torch is on. This new series keeps getting better with each issue, and we have been promised to get the big reveal of what the FF did. The Amazing Spider-Man team could learn from this, they teased Kindred for YEARS and now they are teasing the "What Did Peter Do" story so much I don't even care about the reveal anymore. Kudos to North and team keeping the reader engaged with creative and fun FF stories.

2) Joe Fixit #1 - Story by Peter David, art by Vildiray Cinar, colors by Dee Cunniffe and Matt Milla, edited by Wil Moss

Fresh from the success of New Fantastic Four, Peter David is back with what I hope is a long run of Joe Fixit. This series focuses on The Hulk when he was an enforcer at a casino in Las Vegas. And just like the original story, this issue is funny, sharp, and featured the Hulk at his (in my opinion) best. The best part of The New Fantastic Four series was how David wrote Spider-Man and Joe Fixit, so it's Incredible to see them both in this issue. And against a pretty sinister Kingpin to boot. The art (especially the full page spread of Joe) Cinar is exactly what comic books should look like, with excellent colors by Cunniffe and Milla. This is definitely a series to add to your pull list, and I can't wait for the next issue! If we can get 30 Old Man Logan issues we can definitely get a dozen for Joe Fixit!

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