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Godzilla X Kong Review

It really is a rough year for movies. Only the most die hard Godzilla or Kong movie bro is going to enjoy this "movie". It is a LOT of humans, not a whole lot of Godzilla, and a WHOLE lot of weird baby monkey. Lets dive into what really should be the worst movie of 2024.

There Goes Godzilla

The main issue with this movie is it is sold and advertised as a Godzilla movie, when it is in fact very much a little girl and King Kong movie. No debate. Godzilla SLEEPS in the Roman coliseum for like thirty minutes, then he sleeps AGAIN in Tiamat's lair (who he doesn't even fight, just one shots) for another solid chunk of the film. He is literally just a cat in this movie, taking naps then walking to another place to take a nap, and then just when the day is almost done he gets the zoomies and goes to war in Hollow Earth. The worst part of all of this is the Kong story stuff was almost interesting, but anytime it heated up we were treated to Godzilla napping or the biggest sin in these movies: human dialogue. SO much of this movie is human nonsense that NO ONE except die hard Skull Island fans care about. The cast just goes through the motions, not selling any scene they are involved in. Seriously, cut the run time by 30-40 minutes by cutting out ALL the humans and give us Godzilla and Kong in Hollow Earth going to war. These movies will continue to be trash until they finally make that smart decision. Hell, even if they cut Godzilla out and focused on Kong more it would have been more interesting. It is VERY unbelievable an emaciated ape was strong enough to challenge Godzilla in the past, he was a VERY real villain for Kong, but Godzilla could have stepped on him. Honestly I don't even want to waste any more time reviewing this movie, it wasted enough of my time in theaters. Godzilla had the right idea, I should have taken a nap instead.


An insane focus on humans in these movies kills any momentum the story gets. The Kong stuff was interesting until it cut away to boring human sections of the story, or until we were forced to watch Godzilla sleep through his own movie. Definitely worth a monster sized skip.

Score: 4/10

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