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New Comics Review (Week of 8/16)

Uncanny Avengers #1 - Story by Gerry Duggan, art by Javier Garron, colors by Morry Hollowell, edited by Tom Breevort, fantastic cover shown above by Alex Ross

There is a moment, an incredible moment, where Cyclops (rightly) admonishes Captain America for not doing enough for mutants. After the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, Captain American responds to Cyclops' criticism and does something about it by creating the Avengers Unity Squad. Since then Rick Remender and Gerry Duggan have both done incredible runs of Uncanny Avengers, usually when mutantdom is at it's lowest. So it's no surprise Gerry Duggan and Marvel are relaunching the team again following the events of the latest Hellfire Gala. This first issue doesn't disappoint, even if it's mostly a recruiting issue. Well really only the first half is, then we jump into the big fight between The Unity Squad and their target, the New Mutant Liberation Front, led by Captain Krakoa. The team composition is great (props to giving Deadpool his redemption), and the story/mystery surrounding Captain Krakoa is great, but hopefully it doesn't take 20 issues to reveal it like every other Marvel comic these days (looking at you Zeb Wells). The art by Garron and Hollowell is excellent, and the panel from where Cap knocks three goons out of the air with his shield is inspired. That being said there is a LOT going on in one panel on a lot of these pages, probably too much going on. Especially in the beginning. The Captain American panel is how you do that right, the ones at the beginning were sensory overload times Daredevil. Besides that, this is an excellent start to what should be another awesome Uncanny Avengers run by Duggan and team.

Ghost Rider #17 - Story by Ben Percy, art by Geoff Shaw, colors by Rain Beredo, variant cover shown by Bjorn Barends, edited by Darren Shan and Mark Basso

I'll keep saying it until I pass out, but Moon Knight and Ghost Rider have dethroned Daredevil and X-Men as Marvel's best series (since Zeb Wells is intent on destroying any fun in Spider-Man). Percy has created an incredibly dark adventure for Wolverine and Ghost Rider to team up on, and this issue (the second in the series) doubles down on the threat. Ghost Rider and Wolverine make a hell of a team, and I would sign up for 40 issues of these two tracking down supernatural threats together. The art from Shaw and Beredo is still incredible (seriously, get me a print of that Classic Wolverine), and this creative team is CRUSHING the assignment on this story, so go pick it up! Also just look at this variant cover from Bjorn Barends, it's poster worthy!

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