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Ghost Rider/Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Review

Written by Benjamin Percy, art by Geoff Shaw, colors by Rain Beredo. variant cover shown by Mark Texeira, edited by Mark Basso and Darren Shan

The biggest mistake the MCU has made is not embracing it's supernatural side. Ben Percy has gift wrapped Marvel the return of Ghost Rider and Blaze in a beautiful chain wrapped package. He has also spear headed an excellent Wolverine run, so to see these two incredible stories cross over is a welcome sight. We already saw Wolverine help Cage with his motorcycle race way back in Ghost Rider #5, so there has already been some crossover. But this issue covers the origins of why they are teaming up, Wolverine and Ghost Rider and investigating a possessed child, and the story switches from the past to the future pretty seamlessly. It was definitely a tease of a first chapter of this four parter, but it established the players and the motives, so the next three should be incredible. I'll go as far to say it will be one of the best stories of the year for comics. And if the MCU had ANY sense they would hire Percy and have him write a Ghost Rider movie. Now. He gets the character like no one has for a long time. The art of Logan and The Rider from Shaw and Beredo is just stunning, especially Logan in his classic suit. The variant by Texeira was also just too good to pass up, it's definitely poster material. Percy and team have been responsible for what I consider to be two of the most underrated comics of the year, so do yourself a favor and jump on this four part story while you can!

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