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New Comics Reviews (Released 7/27)

1. Amazing Spider-Man #900 - Written by Zeb Wells, art by Ed McGuinness

Marvel always has something big in store for Spider-Man every 100 issues, and this time was no different. Zeb Wells crafts a well told story about finding out who Spider-Man actually is. This story has humor, action, and an excellent message about what Spider-Man is and what he stands for. The art by Ed McGuinness is a breath of fresh air, and I hope we get to see more of it! This is definitely a comic to grab ASAP, with a "new" villain, and some pretty cool pages to stare at. Pick it up!

2. Batman: Killing Time #6 of 6 - Written by Tom King, art by David Marquez, colors by Alejandro Sanchez

The epic six part story "Killing Time" comes to a close with this sixth issue. The ending does kind of fall a little flat, the first five issue buildup was an excellent story, but this issue was more of a "well here is what you didn't know behind the scenes". The reveal of the main villain was surprising (to me at least), but honestly kind of just feels like it stole the spotlight from the Catwoman and Riddler. And The Help, the coolest new villain, just kind of waddles off into nothingness. Regardless, this is still an excellently crafted story, and one you should buy the graphic novel for when it comes out! Another excellent addition to the pantheon of Batman stories.

3. Batman #126 written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Jorge Jimenez, color by Tomeu Morey

The story is definitely picking up, and I'm exited to see where it goes. Which is exactly what I said last issue. It's clear Chip has a vision and a story to tell, but clearly he needs to muddle through the weeds of having like six Batmen sidekicks at this point, and trying to tel la Batman story with all those other characters in it definitely can get cumbersome, especially as a reader who has missed a good chunk of recent Batman and doesn't know who half the people are anymore. When did Alfred die? And how long until he's back as a clone or whatever. The art and colors by Jimenez and Morey are nice (especially Nightwing <3), now we just need the story to shift gears. Which I am hoping that excellent cliffhanger will do! I still suggest jumping onboard

4. DC Vs. Vampires #8 - Written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg, art by Otto Schmidt and Daniele Di Nicuolo, ink by Otto Schmidt and Pierluigi Casolino

Next to "The Knight" by Chip Zdarsky this is probably my favorite ongoing series. The first half of it was bonkers, with crazy violent and disturbing twists. The second half is a bit messier, as all comics become, since you need to find and read the One shots to still know what is going on. But Tynion and Rosenberg have crafted a pretty cool take on vampires in the DC Universe, and the whole series is worth a buy. The art team is doing an awesome job depicting the horrors of the fight against vampirism, and does a solid job making the vampires look and feel like a threat, Wonder Woman especially. This issue was more of a "getting everyone in place" issue, so I'm hoping the last half of this series is as dynamic and creative as the first!

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