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One Bad Day: Ra's al Ghul Review

One Bad Day: Ra's Al Ghul: Story by Tom Taylor, art by Ivan Reis, colors by Danny Miki and Brad Anderson

DC is really knocking it out of the park with their concepts lately. The mini stories at the end of Batman? These full length standalones piloting by some of DC's current greats? DC has been innovating a lot more than Marvel lately, and even though Marvel still runs the movies and TV game (for now), DC is catching WAY up in the comics world. And a lot of that is due to Tom Taylor. Between his work on Injustice, Dark Knights of Steel, Nightwing, Titans, and now this incredible issue of OBD, DC owes him as much as Marvel owes Bendis. This issue of One Bad Day tells a classic Ra's Al Ghul story, hitting all the points a Ghul story should tell. It really captures the humanity behind the immortal monster, as Ra's puts his final plan into motion to help save the world. What really stood out to me is Ra's fear/respect for Batman, as he constantly tells his Assassins not to leave anything behind, not even a crumb, or Batman will figure them out, which he of course does. What that results in is a beautifully drawn and dramatically told tale of struggle between Batman and Ra's, two sides of the same disfigured coin (not to mix my villains). Both trying to save the world, but having completely different views on how to accomplish that. The art by Reis is as stunning as always, and his work (and the colors and inks by Miki and Anderson) really bring this story to life and give it the gravitas it deserves. The Ra's goblet panel is definitely going to hang in my kitchen. This is in the S tier of the One Bad Day series, and is a must read/buy before it runs out. Kudos to Taylor and his team.

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