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New Comics Review (Week of 1/25)

1) The Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves - Story by Bartosz Sztybor, art and colors by Miki Montllo, letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, edited by Judy Khuu

I'll admit, I've been so blinded by DC and Marvel for the last twelve years of my collecting that I never really considered looking elsewhere for my reading. But when I saw these three comics lined up on a shelf, it seemed like a sign for me to delve in. The Witcher and Dragon Age are two of my favorite series of all time, so shame on me for avoiding the comics for so long. The Witcher: The Ballad of Two Wolves is a wonderful series with a spin on Little Red Riding Hood. In it, Geralt and Dandelion (say no more I'm already hooked) are trying to solve a werewolf murder mystery. It is a lot of dialogue, but it's every bit as interesting as the games and books. The art is also perfect for a dark fairy tale myster, and Miki Montllo uses pencils and ink as well as Geralt uses his swords. I've already put it on my pull list and clearly need to see what else Dark Horse and CD Project Red have been up to with Geralt, highly recommend!

2) Dragon Age: The Missing - Story by George Mann, art by Kieran Mckeown, colors by Michael Atiyeh, edited by Dave Marshall

A surprising delight for my Dragon Age starved self. I've beaten Inquistion four or five times so it was a good surprise to see this comic take place towards the end of that story, with the hunt for Solus beginning in earnest. The hype for Dragon Age 4 is high, and this story serves as a good connection/appetizer for the main event. Varric is as fun as ever, and the art by Kieran McKeown and Michael Atiyeh is gorgeous to look at, and they (somehow) make Varric look sexier than he already is. This is a comic with a talented team behind it, so anyone who loves Dragon Age (who doesn't?) needs to pick it up!

3) TMNT The Last Ronin: Lost Years - Story by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz, pencils by SL Gallant and Ben Bishop, inks by Maria Keane and Luis Antonio Delgado

I really am not well read on TMNT, but I promised a friend I'd become an expert on it for her son so I can create a PPT answering all of his questions about them, so it's a start. Heck the Turtles are an integral part of so many peoples lives, that it felt weird not diving into the turtle culture at least a little bit. This story is connected to another one (The Last Ronin), but I didn't read that so I entered a bit lost. Regardless, Eastman and Waltz do a good job catching the reader up on what has happened, and jump right into the action. The story is sad, action packed, and brutal for a TMNT comic (not sure if that's normal or not). It made me want to go back and read The Last Ronin, so well done to the creative team behind this issue. It was also a stroke of genius having a different team do the "Then" part of the story, and the "Now" part of the story, to give both parts a distinctive feel. The art in both sections was masterful, and I look forward to seeing what the next issue brings! Add it to your pull list!

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