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New Comics Review (Week of 11/29)

  1. Captain America #3 - Written by J. Michael Straczynski, art by Jesus Saiz and Lan Medina, colors by Matt Hollingsworth, edited by Alanna Smith

It's about time Marvel put some strong talent on a comic that isn't Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, or Daredevil. This is good timing too, as those other titles are starting to fizzle out a bit. This powerhouse of a creative team has delivered three solid issues of Captain America. It's been funny, dark, and heroic all at the same time. The art from Saiz and Medina, sharply colored by Hollingsworth, really gives the story the New York vibe. It's been the talk of reddit all week too, but the crime scene panels are really special and took a lot of creative skill to pull off. It's still early in the run, so jump on while you can. The covers have been gorgeous too, and the villain has been very sinister/threatening so far, so big hopes for this run!

2) Marvel Zombies: Black, White, and Blood - Stories written by Gail Simone, Erica Schultz, and Doug Wagner, art by Dale Eaglesham, Nelson Daniel, and Dee Cunniffe

The Black White and Red series from Marvle is the best creative idea they have had in a long time. Each series is usually very solid, and Marvel Zombies delivers as well. The one that really stands out the most is "Under the Eye of an Unkind Future", a VERY good Mr. Fantastic story. The art by Dale Eaglesham is chilling, and the story by Gail Simone is a heartwrencher. She writes Reed and the situation he is in perfectly. The other two stories were good as well, but really Simone and team need an award for how well written their short story was. I definitely suggest jumping on this bandwagon.

3) Moon Knight #29 - Story by Jed MacKay, art by Federico Sabbatini, colors by Rachelle Rosenberg, edited by Tom Brevoort

I am very impressed that Moon Knight made it to 30, which is something I wished for wayyy back when I started reviewing the first issues. It has deserved it's longevity, but the story was starting to get a little dragged out. This issue, as all of the rest, was excellent, and the art is incredible, but it's the main storyline that has me a bit fatigued. With that being said, the story is coming to an explosive end next issue, and I trust MacKay and team to deliver a very strong ending to the arc. These 30 issues of Moon Knight have been some of the best stories/concepts in comics this year, right next to the new FF rub, so MacKay and company should be very proud of what they achieved. Here's looking forward to number 30 and the new series!

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