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New Comics Review (Week of 2/1)

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

1) Moon Knight #20 - Story by Jed McKay and Danny Lore, art by Alessandro Cappuccio and Ray-Anthony Height, ink and colors by Rachelle Rosenbeg, Lebeau Underwood, and Scott Hanna, edited by Tom Breevort

I've said it before, I'll say it again, and I'll yell it in your face, Moon Knight is far and away one of the top three ongoing comic series. The art is beautiful, the story is interesting, exciting, and spooky, and you can feel the love the creative team has for the character and the supernatural side of Marvel. This issue kicks off a new arc for Moon Knight, and it sees the titular hero trying to find out who is killing ex associates of his. The tension is real as Moon Knight rushes across the city trying to save his former friends. And much like the new Batman series, Moon Knight has (for this issue at least) adopted the "Let's do a side story at the end" and it's a true delight, featuring Blade teaming up with a former Fist of Khonshu. The art and story in that are superb, and just as good/engaging as the main story. I'd love to see Marvel keep doing these little side stories at the end, they are a fun way to end a comic and make that five dollar price tag seem a little more reasonable.

2) Batman #132 - Story by Chip Zdarsky, pencils by Mike Hawthorne, ink by Adriano Di Benedetto, colors by Tomeu Morey, edited by Ben Abernathy

Speak of the devil! Batman has really grown on me as a series, it's had it's ups and downs over the last decade but Chip Zdarsky has given me hope that he can return the Batman series to it's Court of Owls height. Zdarsky has cleverly given himself a blank canvas by transporting Bruce to a world without a Batman. This has allowed Zdarsky and team to create new twisted versions of the Batman characters we have grown to love. I need a LOT more Regal Croc in my life. Zdarsky has plopped the reader into a world of intrigue and twists, into a Gotham that resembles the "No Man's Land" Gotham, but without a Batman (for now). This is DC's best ongoing series right now (Nightwing also top tier), and I'm hopeful that Chip and company can keep creating an excellent story with beautiful art, and so far so good! As I mentioned in the Moon Knight review, I love the side stories at the end, and this one (around Toy Man) was another success.

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