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Marvel Snap Mobile Game Review

I've been a fan of Marvel mobile/social media games since Avengers Alliance (the best game of all time). Since Avengers Alliance's downfall, I've been chasing that rush of using Marvel characters to pass the time to help forget about the monotonous adventure that is life. A steady stream of lame Marvel app games have tried to take it's place, and failed. Marvel Snap is a different kind of game, so I was tempted to give it a try. It is a simple premise, you build a deck of Marvel characters, each one worth a different amount, and then you play them to one of three different areas, and if you have more total power in two of the places, you win.

And that's it. Some cards like Cyclops just have total power listed, while some cards like Jessica Jones have special abilities that add a TINY bit of variety and strategy to the gameplay.

The three locations you can play cards to really give the game any variety it can claim to have. There seem to be a lot of locations, and they are randomly generated for each game. The locations are kept secret, and are revealed over time, so you really don't know how to plan or strategize until the locations are revealed. I've played this game a lot over the last couple of days, and the number and variety of location is definitely what keeps me playing.

The play is indeed fast paced like the ads promise. I'd say each game takes a total of about 2 minutes. It's easy to play, easy to learn, and a great time killer. The rewards are given out at a SLOW drip, so don't expect too much in the way of variety as far as the cards are concerned. But for the beginning of a Marvel mobile game, not bad at all. Give it a shot! Here is what a game looks like at the end. It's essentially Smash Up, the board game, so if you enjoy that you'll love this!

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