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New Comics Review (Week of 2/8)

1) Joe Fixit #2 - Story by Peter David, art by Yildiray Cinar, colors by Dee Cunniffe, edited by Wil Moss, cover art shown above by Jamie McKelvie

Peter David's New Fantastic Four Run was one of the better call back series of 2022, probably the best I've read since Symbiote Spider-Man. I was sad to see the series end, but David is clearly having the time of his life writing Joe Fixit. The story is fun and engaging, the tension is high (the Hulk beatdown from issue 1!!!!), and more than that, it's just so low stakes. Including Spider-Man was a stroke of genius, and Peter David can have my money each time these come out. Zeb Wells and Marvel are slowly sucking the life out of Amazing Spider-Man (like Nick Spencer did with Millipede Man or whatever his name was), so maybe it's time for Peter David to save that series for a bit. Heck the new Amazing came out this week too and they had a guest spot, this creative team of David, Cinar, and Cunniffee would have a lot of success with a mainstream title, so give it to them Marvel!

2) Daredevil #8 - Story by Chip Zdarsky, art by Marco Checchetto, colors with Matthew Wilson (still the best DD name) and Erick Arciniega, edited by Devin Lewis

Every single time they reboot Daredevil it turns into a brand new series. This Daredevil is about reforming criminals OUTSIDE of the system, something Daredevil has usually been against. This issue culminates with a battle between Matt's army of The Fist, and Frank Castle's version of The Hand. The battle is excellently drawn and colored by Checchetto and Wilson/Arciniega, and Zdarsky's use of narration in the battle gives us something to cling to when the battle becomes insane. I'm a little confused about how powerful Frank is, because he gets a whupping in this book even though he beat the God of War, so this must be before that. Daredevil's reform system is interesting to watch, and seeing the reformed villains work together to saver a child was a really good moment for their arc. Daredevil has been one of the best series in the last five years, and it seems to be continuing that trend with this latest soft relaunch.

3) Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants #1 - Story by Al Ewing, art by Paco Medina, colors by Jay David Ramos, edited by Jordan D. White

Sins of Sinister was an excellent story, and Storm and the Brotherhood of Mutants spins out of it. This issue focuses on Storm and her ragtag team trying to take down Sinister after what he unleased in Sins of Sinister. I will say, Krakoa was starting to wear on me a bit, but Sins of Sinister reignited my interest in the island nation, and this spin off from the main event was a delight to read. Ewing creates an engaging suicide run mission, and Paco Medina and Jay David Ramos provide beauty to every page, like they usually do. Storm looks dope in Magneto's cloak, major points for that. SIns of Sinister seems like it will be a fun ride, so kudos to Ewing and team for convincing me to get future spin offs.

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